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First LJ Blog
Hi! My first LJ post. :D Yay me! I really don't have much to say. Just giving LJ a try, we'll see how it goes.

I live in the US and Thanksgiving is this Thursday. Where I work, we are open 364 days a year, including Thanksgiving. :( Things are different this yeat due to the economy so my boss has to really keep an eye on payroll. Normally I work 7am-3pm Thanksgiving and get Friday off for SHOPPING. Things got switched around a bit this year. I only have to work from 7-11am Thursday and am working 1-8pm Friday. Hey, I actually get to eat a hot Thanksgiving meal this year! Woot! My family goes to my husband's parents' home for Thanksgiving. My mother-in-law will cook the meal and I usually provide a side dish. I get an easy day and it's very enjoyable. I've already started to check out the Black Friday ads online and will go through the actual ads when I get the newspaper on Thursday. For those who don't live in the US and are unfamiliar with the term Black Friday. Black Friday is the day after the American Thanksgiving holiday and the official start to the holiday shopping season. It it The Biggest shopping day in retail. I had worked for almost 15 years in retail and until a few years ago had never everr shopped on Black Friday. I would volunteer for work the opening shift, coming in at 4am, and would laugh at the people who would get up in the middle of the night to shop. Well, Black Friday shopping is one of those things you either love or can do without. I did it a few years ago and love it. I would say 95% of the people who do it are really nice people who love to go shopping and getting a decent bargain. The other 5% you see on the news getting violent or arrested give the expreiance a bad name. I'll be going to bed no later than 8pm Thanksgiving Day and waking up 2am Friday to wait in line for the stores to open. I will probably start off at Best Buy again, although I just found out Old Navy is opening at 3am this year. I may stop in there real quick (I hope) and grab a few things before Best Buy opens at 5am. I always hit Wal-Mart, Game Stop, Sears and a few other stores, grab some breakfast and then head home for a nap. No nap this year, I will be headed off to work for 1pm and closing. I did that a couple of years ago and it's no biggie. I have the weekend off to sleep in and more SHOPPING.


I've recently become very OBSESSED with BSG, thanks to Daria and Ela. I'm almost finished S3 (3 epis to go). I've also recently gotten into making icons which I will probably post here as well as The icons that I have uploaded in my profile I made last week.


I think I will get back to watching Castle. I've been behind since I've started watching BSG and I want to catch up since a few of my other shows are starting winter hiatus.


Emiko :D

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Welcome! :) You used to work such a lot on Thanksgiving. Glad you can catch a break. And thanks for explaining the the Black Friday. I hate shopping when it's crowded. Good luck, anyway, I hope you'll succeed big time. ;)

Looking forward to your icon post. :)

Hey Ela! Thanksgiving is a really slow work day for us. We're really bored that day. At least this year I can relax a little more with the family. Does your country have any kind of holiday shopping kick-off day? Or is it just us crazy Americans? LOL

It is so weird over here. No Halloween and no Thanksgiving. Actually, we imported Halloween from you guys but it is mainly for the kids and parties. We also have something like Thanksgiving but that holidays is not important at all. That means that they start to kick off Christmas sales really early, sometimes September. Sooo annoying. And then it gets more after Halloween. Sales really kick off on the first advent weekend, I guess. Have a great holiday! :D

I remember when I worked at in retail and we would start taking Christmas layaways in July and the customerrs would have until the middle of December to pay them off. We would start getting the Christmas decorations/trees in September. Argh! But most of the set up would be bettween Halloween and Thanksgiving and the best sales would start on Black Friday. It's a crazy American tradition. I'm sure you may be able to find some funny/scary videos on youtube depicting the mayhem that occurs. :D clicky 1clicky 2clicky 3

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